Shadows of Crafts – Skopje Light-Shadow-Sound Installation by Bilal Yilmaz

Artist: Bilal YilmazCurator: Lydia Chatziiakovou Opening: 30.06.2022, 20:00 "Shadows of Crafts - Skopje" is the result...

Artist: Bilal Yilmaz
Curator: Lydia Chatziiakovou

Opening: 30.06.2022, 20:00

“Shadows of Crafts – Skopje” is the result of a participatory research on crafts culture in Skopje, realised during a one-month residency in the framework of KRIK Festival and with the participation of local creatives. In the context of their project Creative-Craft Platform, Bilal Yilmaz and Lydia Chatziiakovou aim to establish networks and communities of crafts and creatives in the post-industrial society. The project offers tools to introduce a collective archive of craft culture and activate creatives to think on the potential of crafts, while documenting and understanding the transformation of crafts’ know-how in the contemporary context.

Skopje is the first city that is mapped outside of Turkey, following Istanbul and Ayvalik. The participatory research realised in the past few weeks is presented on an interactive digital map. It is the first step towards the establishment of a local community of creatives and crafts, which will become a part of a dynamic international network of mapped cities.

The installation visualises the mapping and research process, through objects and sounds that represent the city’s crafts landscape.
“Craft is a wedge that reveals stark distinctions within ideologies of taste and value. Craft polarises and collapses theoretical positions about what making means today. Craft is contemporary because it is the pivot between art and commerce, between work and leisure, between past and future. There is no such thing as ‘the contemporary’, and there is no such thing as craft. With all its complexities, with all its different registers of meaning across history, across class, across gender, across institutions, craft is all of these things, some of these things, none of these things.”

Julia Bryan-Wilson, “Eleven (Contradictory) Propositions in Response to the Question: What is Contemporary Craft?”, in Craft, ed. Tanya Harrod, Whitechapel Gallery, 2018, p. 68.

Creative Researchers: Biljana Klekachkovska, Milena Slivoska, Niki Tanureva, Hristina Krsteska, Melita Ivanovska, Maja Stojkovska, Nenad Trpovski, Jana Kocevska, Marija Milosevska
Original Soundscape: Rubar Dindar
Photo: Nenad Trpovski

Kontrapunkt and CRIC – Festival of Critical Culture are supported by: Goethe-Institut Skopje, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia and Allianz Kulturstiftung, Creative Europe.

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