“Searching for the Beauty of Palestine under Occupation” lecture by Raed Saadeh

With the lecture "Searching for the Beauty of Palestine under Occupation" by Raed Saadeh, begins the...

With the lecture “Searching for the Beauty of Palestine under Occupation” by Raed Saadeh, begins the second part of the eighth edition of CRIC – the festival of critical culture, this year under the title “Trapped in freedom – art and community”.

In “Searching for the Beauty of Palestine under Occupation”. Raed Saadeh speaks:

To protect the continued existence of the Palestinians as an occupied nation and their political future and to preserve their tangible and intangible heritage, particularly in the more threatened areas and those that are close to settlements and in remote areas, it is vital to search for distinctive elements that formulate the specific identities of these potential cultural heritage destinations where tourism can be perceived as a tool for resilience and development. The notion of the search for the beauty of Palestine that is inherent in its demographic, cultural, environmental and natural diversity becomes vital for a people whose roots and narratives are being challenged and eradicated by the Israeli occupation. This lecture will attempt to present an approach towards a sustainable sensitization of the specific cultural identities of these localities and a methodology for villages, cities and other communities to formulate a strategy of perseverance and development.

Raed Saadeh is an activist and advocate of community-based tourism and cultural heritage preservation in Palestine. He is the former president of the Arab (Palestinian) hotel association. He is co-founder and Chairman of the Rozana Association for architectural heritage conservation and rural tourism development based in Birzeit. Raed Saadeh is also Owner and General Manager of the Jerusalem Hotel, Jerusalem, a heritage hotel for which he introduced the concept and did the design. Originally trained as a mechanical engineer Bsc. from Syracuse University, N.Y. and MSc. at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, he is also co-founder and board member of the Palestinian Art Court, board member of the Mamal Foundation of Contemporary Art, Chairperson of Sunbula Organization for Fair Trade and Handcraft Development, and co-founder and ex-President of Yabous Productions for Performing Arts. His current efforts are focused on developing the concept of an alquds/Jerusalem tourism board intended to maximize the economic returns and benefits for alquds local community. He is also one of the main leaders and co-founder of the Network for Experiential Palestinian Tourism Organizations. He is also a co-founders and chair of the Palestinian Heritage trail.

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