Presenting Bulgarian Labels Amek Collective & Kontingent Records

moderators: Stanimir Panayotov and Ivana Dragsic Time: 01.07.2022, 19:30 Participants: Angel Simitchiev, Martin Lukanov, Ivan Shentov...

moderators: Stanimir Panayotov and Ivana Dragsic

Time: 01.07.2022, 19:30

Participants: Angel Simitchiev, Martin Lukanov, Ivan Shentov

At the initiative of Kontrapunkt and CRIC – festival for critical culture, for the first time we have live two of the most important underground record labels from Bulgaria, Amek Collective & Kontingent Records.

We are honored to close the first part of CRIC 07 entitled : : IN CONTINUOUS RESISTANCE : : with their performance.

Come to this artist talk with the visionaries behind Bulgarian drone/ambient/noise scene that rapidly expanded due to their work since the late 2000s. The talk will be led and moderated by, philosopher Stanimir Panayotov, who has collaborated with Amek previously, and who will help unfold the story behind the odd success of these musical genres in Bulgarian underground, Ivana Dragsic, dj and representative of the local underground scene. During and after the event, you will be able to find and buy merch and music by both Amek Collective and Kontingent Records: tapes, vinyl, zines and t-shirts for the sonic connoiseur.

Amek Collective started as a DIY booking collective in 2008. Run by Angel Simitchiev and Martin Lukanov, and operating mostly in Sofia, Bulgaria, Amek have booked 90+ performances of foreign and local noise, experimental and ambient artists. Since 2011 they have been regularly publishing music on tape & vinyl. Currently Amek are doing two monthly radio shows – „шумна неделя“ (Kanal 103, Skopje) and Comfort Club (Black Rhino Radio, Bucharest).

Kontingent Records is a DIY label and one-man booking army based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Founded in 2004 by Ivan Shentov, Kontingent release music on various formats and from various genres among which one would find drone noise, ambient, experimental, spoken word, noise rock, crust / punk, lo-fi, etc. Kontingent Records is also publishing the annual Bulgarian fanzine Sustainer.

LIVE: Shentov, Simitchiev, Lukanov

Time: 01.07.2022, 21h

Location: Museum of Contemporary Arts Skopje

Shentov+Simitchiev+Lukanov is a rare musical triad that has played live only on few occassions so far. The Skopje audience will be one of the first few to witness the most recent musical unfoldings of this particular iteration of the collaboration between three key figures in the current Bulgarian drone, noise and ambient music scene.

Angel Simitchiev is a Bulgarian musician and composer with roots in the hardcore punk scene. Outside of his solo music routine his works exist in collaboration with video art, (short) film, art installation, ads, fashion, theatre, contemporary dance and performance. He is ½ of the Bulgarian experimental music publisher and booking crew Amek Collective. Angel Simitchiev holds a PhD in Musicology (Institute of Art Studies at Bulgarian Academy of Science) and an MA in Media Composition and Electroacoustic Music (National Academy of Music ‘Prof. Pancho Vladigerov’). Since 2014 he’s been teaching Sound Art at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia.

Martin Lukanov is the founder of the experimental music label and booking crew Amek Collective. He holds an MA in Media Studies (Sofia University) and is currently working towards a PhD in Cultural Studies. He is the assistant editor of the Southeast Asian Media Studies Journal, a member of the editorial board of Riffs Journal of Popular Music, and teaches Popular Culture at New Bulgarian University and Sofia University.

Ivan Shentov is a musician, composer and writer who was born and raised in the Sofia DIY music scene. He’s a former member of КПД-0, a now defunct but still one of Sofia’s most iconic 2000s bands. Currently Ivan Shentov is spearheading Kontingent Records, a DIY label and one-man booking crew, known for the DIY live series, which has brought to Sofia a plethora of touring acts from the internation noise and punk scene. Shentov is playing and releasing music solo as krāllār. He’s is also a forming member and ½ of the noise rock duo Feedbacker, a project that has been relentlessy releasing music and touring around Europe since 2015.

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