“Desired machines – art as a (r)evolution”

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Kontrapunkt – an organization for the development of critical theory, socio-cultural activism and contemporary cultural practices is pleased to invite you to the 9th edition of KRIK – a festival for critical culture in the period from 1st till 5th of July 2024. CRIC 09 is guided by a thematic framework: “Desired machines – art as (r)evolution”:

The desire is truthful, it flourishes on the multitude of connections, it produces and at the same time is a result of that production. Desired machines are everywhere. They are no longer just human beings and their tools. New desired machines will colonize the space of each other and everywhere, as they produce and are result of the production of algorithms, platforms, clouds and artificial intelligence. A multitude of related desires, a hyper-accelerated process of production, data, information, massive datasets, and a reduced capacity to comprehend and put into some, classically defined, benevolent goal. When theories are powerless in front of the meta-universe of capitalist production of the increased speculative data wealth, new desires and new machines, which are difficult to understand, and even more difficult to stop, only art remains as an eternal field of struggle with the incomprehensible and the unstoppable.

Although deeply connected, through a series of machines, desires and products, we still believe that art can break away, create its own flying trajectory, and induce processes of trans-formative desire and anti-production. We wish for such art, and until our desire is completely merged in the code of capital, as if the desire can be subdued, we will stand for such art. CRIC Festival for Critical Culture in its 9th edition will try to mobilise the existing linguistic capacities and artistic potentials so that one can think in the negation of the present machinal nihilistic inertia of modern machines.

With the aim of challenging the current trends in the production of thought, art, and in an opposition the current trends of creation due to inertia, we will jointly dive deeper into the often neglected or deliberately ignored by the dominant political narratives, into the connection between art and revolution. We will explore their symbiotic existence that surpasses popular historical records, emphasizing the very essence of humanity, its social development and evolution.

Searching for connections between art and revolution, we will try to produce a common thread, in a multi-layered tapestry of ideas woven by artists, thinkers, and various transgressors of the popular and dominant narratives, who delve into the ontological implications of artistic expression intertwined in revolutionary fervor. Here, art is not just a medium for aesthetic satisfaction or cultural reflection, it is a force that disrupts established paradigms, it examines the dynamics of power and it encourages collective consciousness towards emancipatory and evolutionary horizons. It forces us to face the complexity of our actions and responsibility, stating that, not only do we create art that inspires and encourages, we also challenge and critically examine the ethical dimensions of our interventions.

Within the framework of KRIK 09, we will jointly explore the works and life of various artists and artistic groups, starting with the life and work of the famous anti-fascist and feminist writer Dubravka Ugrešić, whose life is a symbol of endurance and defiance in the face of adversity, injustice and centers of power, and her written work stands as a beacon of hope and resistance against systemic oppression. This year, we want to collectively remember that art, in its essence, is a catalyst for revolution – a medium through which we can imagine and strive for a better, more united and more empathetic world.

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Shared on: April 1, 2024 at 6:58 pm